WHy people not like to talk about mental health : A true story a girl shareed

By | May 16, 2021

Mental health is one of the biggest problems in people’s lives, no matter which field they are in, usually, people do not like to talk about it, in this article we are going to talk about some true stories related to mental health and their effects on people lives.
Gabrielle Blades works at old fashioned center in Maryland US, she’s shared an inspiring story of his boyfriend who was struggling with mental health,
Possible Trigger Warning
I’ve been struggling internally for the past couple of months and today I finally admitted that I need to seek some help. Last night I went out thinking “I’m so stressed, I could use a fun night out.” I drank way too much and everything surfaced in the worst possible way. I put my hands on a stranger, completely blacked out, and told the love of my life that I was unhappy and hated him. I woke up this morning fully disgusted with myself. Shame, guilt, embarrassment, sadness…just to name a few. Why are we so mean to the ones that mean the most to us? I need to get my shit together. And find a way to make up for my poor decisions ASAP. Hoping a therapy appt will start my journey to figuring out what is going on with me.
In the answer to this, Samantha Mayo who works in HealthclubCare liked to comment on this that, We are usually mean to the ones we love because we know they will still be there for us in the morning. it’s ok. Stress is a funny thing that one.
Sounds like you already have some of your “shit together” by asking for help.
And another one, Samantha Ruth who is a student of the University of Michigan added to this that” You’re human and the fact that you’re remorseful and already looking within yourself says everything about your character!! Try not to waste your energy beating yourself up. Focus on how to move forward ”
That sucks. Soooo many times I’ve messed things up by saying or doing the wrong thing because I was out of my head… I just do as much damage control as I can.
I did the same on mother’s day after an incredibly stressful week. I came to the same conclusion! You’re not alone at all.
Everyone makes mistakes so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re making the right decisions to move forward and you should be proud of that.
I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words. One day at a time
Christy Shaw shared a story about his child that “So today I spent the evening with my oldest child. He’s trans-gendered and I catch a lot of slack for accepting him. He’ll be 29 this year and I’m actually extremely proud of him. He lives life on his terms. His father does not accept him. (We’re divorced) It’s totally sad. Why can’t people understand a mother’s love is unconditional?”
Blessings and grace to both of you. hopefully one day these people who can’t accept others will wake up and realize what they have been missing
Most of the time it’s what their parents have said to them. I was lucky enough to have parents open to the idea and I spent years reading books that opened me up to it
Why can’t people be supportive of their children ! It should be about their happiness who cares what they are support and love
When I told my mom I was gay she told me she could just die. My dad disowned me and took 10 yrs to have a relationship. My mom has always been there tho no matter what. But not my dad always he is now married to someone that is my age and I hate it but I accept it because I love my dad so much and want a relationship with him. So I’m happy you accept him it would have saved me a lot of mental issues being accepted myself
According to religion god put the man on this earth he put a woman on this earth wrong he put people on this earth to live freely well they are supposed to anyway it is so sad that in most situations it is frowned-upon people are who they are bottom-line.!!
We will continue to share some true stories with you that will lead to inspiring to us

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